Friday, 12 February 2010


Speaking Up’s Carers Advocacy Service has been up and running in Cambridgeshire since September 2009. The service, which is free, independent and confidential, is for unpaid adult carers who care for another adult living in Cambridgeshire. Claire Mathieu covers Cambridge City and South and East Cambridgeshire, and Mick Gurney covers Fenland and Huntingdonshire.

Both Claire and Mick have attended a number of carers support meetings and other carers’ events and are working closely with Crossroads Care Cambridgeshire. The recognition that carers have rights, and in particular a right to have a life outside of their caring role, has been an important development in social care.

Using ‘One to One advocacy’, the aim is to generally empower carers to have greater control over their lives. Some of the issues Claire and Mick are involved in with carers include, challenging cuts in services, assisting carers to secure their rights as carers and helping carers to prepare for meetings and accompanying them to meetings with professionals etc.
For further information about carers advocacy contact:

Claire Mathieu, by phone on 01223 555800, email: , or write to:
Carers Advocacy, Speaking Up, Mount Pleasant House, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB3 0RN

Mick Gurney, by phone on 01354 651222, email: , or write to: Carers Advocacy, Speaking up, 25 Queens Street, March, PE15 8SN.